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3.4.19 We Are Hiring!

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Team Member: "A Hunter Renfrow"

The Offer:

This time, we are looking for...a Renfrow!  A WHAT?  Yes, that is what we said: "We are looking for the Hunter Renfrow of teammates.  If you don't know who we are talking about, well...one, go use Google...or Siri...Alexa...and then we will give you a few hints.

You know how Hunter Renfrow was a walk-on to a team...became the go-to guy...won a few championships...secured a full scholarship...and continued to be a hardworking, talented, humble guy, too?  Well, we know there is one of those out there for 1x1 Design team, too.  We are looking for that next team member who is ready to join a team, ready to work hard, and ready to have a lot of fun. 

Want to learn?  We are ready to teach.  Want to work hard?  We are ready to welcome you.  Want to grow?  We are ready to support your career. 

We need...an intern/a project architect/a designer/a detailer/a graphics guru looking to join the 1x1 Design team and ready to bring some serious skills to the table (and ready to develop some more serious skills). Don't have them in a professional environment yet, but eager to jump in? We have a place for you, too. Sound like we are looking for everything and nothing all at once? Well, not really, but sort of.

We are looking for: Promise.  Grit.  Determination.  Balance.

We are open to a lot when it comes to this position....and can be as creative as we need to be (we are in a creative field, you know!). We just have to find the right fit. We are not an old firm...but not a new firm either.  Every project isn't an award winner, but we have award winning projects and team members, too. 

Every day is different, and you have to be ready to adapt to the environment of fast-moving jobs, a variety of clients with a variety of needs. You are going to have to hit the ground and hit the ground running...fast. Oh, and not always in a straight line, and maybe while answering the phone with a vacuum cleaner in your hand.

You must also at least be interested in being involved. Not just in the development of the firm, but the development of the larger community in which we are a part: architecture, Columbia, yourself.

If you are interested in submitting a resume, please send via email to Asheley Scott St. John at astjohn@1x1design.com.

The Short(er) Story:

Education/Experience: BArch or MArch preferred but not required; 0-15 years in a work environment, minimum  

Registration: Registration not required, but interest in pursuing registration is (if not registered) 

Skills: Revit knowledge required, Revit proficiency a plus; AutoCAD knowledge a plus. Adobe Suite knowledge required. Microsoft Office required. Social Media knowledge a plus.  College Football knowledge a plus.  Humor required. 

Other: Vehicle and Valid Driver's License Required; Must be a US Citizen

Plenty more to discuss, don't worry. Just submit your resume if you think you fit the bill.