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1x1 Design: Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

On June 1, 2011, 1x1 Design, a full-service architectural firm in Columbia, South Carolina was launched.

The firm aims to provide design and planning services for a range of residential and commercial clients, focusing on innovative design and delivery services, strong client relationships and the development of the professionals whom it employs.

Recently marking the three-year anniversary of the firm, the team has completed a multitude of projects ranging from extensive interior renovations to ground-up construction projects, building masterplans to tenant upfits. The projects have covered a wide range of market segments from corporate to retail, from medical to residential.

For more information and all the happenings since the launch, please check out the latest.

May 20, 2015-Seth and Alison Join and Re-Join 1x1 as Summer Interns!

June 1, 2015-FOUR Years!

July 28, 2015-David Easterday, Seth Barnett, and Nicholas Caro join the team!